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Welcome to Rathfarnham Educate Together National School.
Rathfarnham Educate Together National School (RETNS) is an Educate Together National School located on Loreto Avenue, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14. Our school is equality-based, co-educational, child centred, and democratically run. In our school we aim to teach to the highest standards of education through an ethos that guarantees every child equality of esteem, regardless of their social, cultural or religious background

This week is active school week in RETNS. As we are looking to achieve our Active Schools flag, we need to make a huge effort with it this year. Some ideas / activities that will be taking place next week:

  • All staff / pupils are encouraged to wear tracksuits for the week
  • Physical activity homework replaces normal homework
  • Reviving the Music in the Yard / Dance area
  • DEAD (Drop Everything and Dance) – GoNoodle can be used for this! OR Shake up, Wake up! (9.10 get the children to do the Macarena, Saturday Night etc in classrooms or join up with the class next door!)
  • DEAR (Drop Everything and Run) – 10 @ 10 could be used for this!
  • Encourage staff and pupils to take part in COW and WOW days on Wednesday and Walking Bus on Friday.
Run Around Europe challenge! 
There will be a 100 metre track made in the yard… if a child runs / skips / walks (encourage them to try their best / go their fastest) around the track 10 times, that equates to 1 kilometre, so there is potential for each class to run a combined 25 – 30 km a day!
Junior classes could even do 5 laps. We will then add up the total for the school each day and see how far across Europe we can make it. This could even be done over a couple of weeks to see how far we can go!
Click on the Active School Week on the right to see where we are today!

4th Class Trip – The Viking Splash Tour! by Jodie Hand

Today we went on the Viking Splash tour. First we got a bus from our school to town. After we were all out of the bus we got into the Viking Splash tour boat. The Viking Splash tour boats were made by women in America during the second World War. They called it the...

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RETNS pupils fundraise for Crumlin Children’s Hospital.

Thanks to the great efforts of our student council and sixth class pupils, who organised and ran a very successful bake sale and games day, we have raised €1003.67 for Crumlin Children's Hospital. On Friday Siobhán Broughan came to our assembly to accept the cheque on...

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RETNS Community Garden beginning to take shape

Some more great work done on Friday.     Thanks to all the wonderful parents, children and staff who have "dug in", we are really beginning to see our new community garden take shape. There was great work done by Niamh, Sean, Paul, Betty and Mia at the weekend. 4 beds...

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Active School Week 23rd -27th April

Last week we hosted our Active School Week in RETNS. The week got off to a great start and many classes resumed their 10@10 and were on the playground daily completing the Run Around Europe Challenge. We calculated that we ran 453.5km and classes used Google Maps to...

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