Our Wildlife Garden

At R.E.T.N.S. we have a beautiful wildlife garden, which has been developed over many years. 20150618_135059

A variety of habitats exist in the garden, which makes it a wonderful outdoor classroom. We have a woodland area full of native trees and shade- loving plants. The log pile provides a cozy home for snails, slugs and centipedes.  There is marshy pond area with wild irises and rushes.  Apple trees and hazel trees provide fruit and nuts in the Autumn. The garden underwent considerable re-development in 2014 and is now home to a large number of native plants. The garden has a wooden walkway winding its way through the woodland area and there is amphitheatre type seating for a class of thirty children with their sketchpads, nature diaries or picnic lunches. A favourite spot for many children is the willow hut with its log seating, which provides a space for all kinds of activities. Pupils, staff and many other school community members love to spend time in this tranquil place and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature all around.20150618_135232.jpg


Our Garden

In our school garden                                                                                                              IMG_6846

Have a look around,

Come with me and let me show you

What I have found.

There’s the silver IMG_6828birch tree

Apple and rowan too,

Mountain ash and oak tree

That’s only a few!

Come and see our pondIMG_6834

Look at how it shines!

With our wetland area beside it

Doesn’t it look fine?


And don’t forget our hedgehog hotel

Where all the hedgehogs stay

And our insect hotel gets insects coming

From miles away!


Our lovely willow house and wooden bench

Finish off the tour,

Thank you for coming to our garden

We hope you come back for more!

By Eve Leslie.