Links to websites important to our school

Here you will find links to different websites important to our school. Educate Together is our patron body, we have links to our Kid’s blog, to Maeve’s blog, to our Parent’s Association Blog and to Rachel’s Music Centre. 


Educate Together

Educate Together is the patron body of RETNS and over 84 primary schools and 14 secondary schools in Ireland that are run according to the Educate Together Charter. It is an independent NGO that runs schools that guarantee equality of access and esteem to children “irrespective of their social, cultural or religious background”, are learner centred in their approach to education and are run as participatory democracies, with respectful partnership between parents, pupils and staff. It was established over 40 years ago with the setting up of the Dalkey School in 1978. Our own school began in 1992. 

Educate Together


Half-Two Club

So how about collecting your child after they have their homework finished? Sarah runs the Half-Two Club which allows children to get their homework finished before they leave the school, nice! Click on the below link to download the form.

Half Two Club

Rachel's Music Centre

Rachel runs a music school in RETNS after 2:30 each afternoon and on Saturdays. It is open to children and adults. Lessons can be in Piano, Violin, Clarinet, Flute, Drums, Guitar and Singing. Click on the button below to find out more.

Rachel’s Music Centre



RETNS Kid's Blog

The Children at RETNS have their own website. Items they want to upload can be drawings, fan reviews, book review, jokes, Stories, basically anything once it is suitable for a kid’s blog. 

RETNS Kid’s Blog

Principal's Blog

Maeve, our principal has her own blog where she informs us of content not normally found on our main site. She brings a unique perspective to modern issues like positive aging and mental health awareness.

RETNS Principal’s Blog

Parents Association

Not to be outdone, our Parents have their very own blog! Here they will share information important to all our parents and guardians.

RETNS Parents Association Blog