Generation Pound with Sarah G!

Generation Pound with Sarah G!

4th Class drumming in the hall with Sarah G!

Last week, Sarah G came in to school to give a drumming / exercise workshop from 1st – 6th class. The name of the workshop is Generation Pound! It involves using drumsticks and moving to music and instruction. The children really enjoyed it!

For Junior and Senior Infants, Sarah G took both classes for a Zumba lesson in the hall!

What a great way to get active! Well done everyone and thank you Sarah!


Porridge Bread made by Senior Infants

Porridge Bread made by Senior Infants

Senior Infants have been learning all about the community in Aistear over the last few weeks.  We visited the park for P.E. and went on a local community walk.  Last week we focused on the restaurant and did a variety of activities based on this.  These included; setting the table and making cutlery and plates out of recycled materials, writing menus, reading our porridge bread recipe and baking it too. 

We had great fun, there are definitely a few chefs of the future in the class! Here is the recipe so you can try it at home. 

In My Shoes Project in 6th Class

In My Shoes Project in 6th Class

6th class are working hard on a very worthwhile initiative. They are collecting your old sports (used but in good condition) shoes to send to South Africa.

Ciaran McHugh was on a business trip to Khayelitsha the largest township in Cape Town when he saw a number of children running barefoot around their school yard when it struck him that there were good shoes in his own home that his children had outgrown that would suit these children. He ended up sending over 2,500 pairs of shoes last year. This year he hopes to double that number and 6th class is helping him.
We have 34 pairs of shoes so far but we would like more.
If you are donating a pair of shoes/runners,

  • they must be clean (so give them a wash in the sports shoes wash in your washing machine),
  • tie the shoe laces together,
  • put a note in one of the shoes about yourself or what sport you wore the shoes for
  • and drop the shoes into 6th class by Thursday 13th February.

The OsKaRs fundraiser – Information Evening

The OsKaRs fundraiser – Information Evening

27th February 8p.m.

We are delighted to invite you all to an important information evening about “The OsKaRs”, our upcoming school fundraiser which will take place in Fitzpatrick’s Hotel Killiney on the 16thof May this year. The information evening will take place at 8pm on Thursday the 27th of February in the 5th class room.

 The aim of this fundraiser is to develop our outdoor teaching space, as highlighted in our school’s Development Plan. Information and drawings of the outdoor project will be presented at the meeting on the 27th of February.

 We are aiming for a target of €35,000. The success of this event is dependent on everyone getting involved, and we really need the whole school community and beyond to make this happen. 

This is our biggest fundraiser since the 20K Drop raised €25,000 in 2014. This facilitated the development of the wildlife garden and the basketball court upgrade, with the remaining funds to be used towards this outdoor project. 

 The OsKaRs is a fun way to fundraise. The school and wider community record 7 scenes from 7 iconic movies, followed by an OsKaRs style night out where there are multiple awards, but only one group will bring home the Best Movie OskaR.  The compilation clip linked below gives an insight into previously recorded movie scenes by other OsKaRs fundraisers.   

Here are just some of the ways you can get involved:

 We need actors!

 Have you ever wanted to be in a movie? How about your family and friends? Are there any ex-pupils (over 18) that you know of who fancy themselves as a Cillian Murphy or a Saoirse Ronan?!

 We will need 50 actors, each of whom will be part of a group of between 5 and 8 actors in one of the movie scenes, and will raise sponsorship as a group for their movie. 

 We need to sell advertisements and find big sponsors!

 Part of the fundraising comes from ads sold for our OsKaRs night booklet and from bigger sponsors of each movie and the overall event.  Do you have a business or know of some amongst your friends and families that would buy an ad or a business in the community who might be interested?  Do you know of a business that would be interested in being a main sponsor of the event? Can you help with approaching local businesses to sell ads?

 We need volunteers!

 To meet our fundraising target we need as many people as possible to help coordinate the run-up to the night and the night itself. From selling ads and seeking sponsors, or coordinating or helping with our big raffle, to assisting the actors and sourcing props, or setting up and managing or contributing to our social media push. Many hands make light work!

 We need a big turnout on the night!

The bulk of our fundraising will come from ticket sales for the OsKaRs night event. 

Please come along on the evening of Thursday the 27thof February to hear more from us and from the event management company Kevin Rowe Productions. 

 Bring along anyone you know who might be interested in taking part, for example, family members and friends, eligible past pupils, or local business owners. 

 This meeting is a really important step in moving our big fundraiser forward, and we hope to see as many of you there as possible.  We need to come together and pool our ideas, resources, connections, time and energy to make this event as successful as possible.

 We are looking forward to seeing you on the 27thof February. If you cannot attend and would like to get information or send ideas/details re getting involved, please email

The Development Committee


RETNS Wormery Update

RETNS Wormery Update

Second Class have been looking after our wormery and worms since we built it in October. Every week; Tadhg, Nisal and Anthony feed the worms with fresh fruit and vegetable waste on 1/3 of the wormery. The whole of Second Class went to check in on the worms at the beginning of January to see how they were doing after the Winter break. We were very pleased to see pink, long worms making their way through all the fruit and vegetable waste we feed them every week. The worms are looking very healthy and happy.

Anne’s groups also had a look at the health of the wormery on Friday 31st January. Some children on the walking bus found a frog and we released it into the Wildlife Garden. 

This week, Second Class teamed up with Junior Infants to teach them all about the worms and their importance in our school. We have started to see the fruit and vegetable waste decompose and are excited to see the compost that will be produced soon in the wormery.