What to do about…

My child’s birthday?

Birthdays & Invitations The ethos of RETNS is that no child is an outsider. Inclusion is central to the ethos. We wish to uphold this ethos and would like the support of Parents to adhere strictly to the RETNS Birthday Policy:
• Birthday invitations are not to be brought into school.
• Birthday invitations and/or presents should be distributed away from the school.
• Parents cannot send in sweets, goodies or videos into school on their child’s birthday.

Clothes to wear to school?

Dress Code There is no school uniform in RETNS. All pupils should wear clean, comfortable and neat clothes to school. The primary school should be a healthy environment for everyone where outside pressures shouldn’t be a major concern for our young children.
• Make up is not permitted. Hair gel should be kept to a minimum.
• It is essential that all children come suitably dressed for attending a primary school; where the school age group is 4 years to 12 years.
• Shoes must be flat. Ugg boots, rollerblades or roller skates are not suitable because of safety.
• Bikini type tops and off the shoulder tops are not suitable dress code for primary school and should not be worn.
• Short shorts are not suitable for wearing to school.  Trousers showing cleavage on bending down are unsuitable for school wear.
• Children should wear appropriate clothing for P.E. tracksuits and runners are very suitable.
• Sprays i.e. hairspray, body spray etc. should not be brought into school or to the swimming pool. These are unsafe when inhaled by students or adults who have certain medical conditions.
• Hairpieces, hair dye and other elaborate hairstyles are not in keeping with the dress code for a primary school.
• Jewellery should be restricted; dangling jewellery is unsafe and should not be worn.

Lost Property?

All personal belongings e.g. coats, hats, scarves, jumpers, bags, lunchboxes, etc should be clearly marked with child’s name. Valuable personal property should not be brought to school.

Lunches provided by DLR.

Lunch Menu

Monday           Cheese Sandwiches, mandarins & milk

Tuesday           Chicken Sandwiches, apples & milk

Wednesday      Corned beef Sandwiches, bananas & milk

Thursday          Cheese Sandwiches & milk

Friday              Ham Sandwiches, apples & milk

At the beginning of the school year children are invited to select from the above menu the food/drink they require each day.  The lunches are distributed every day by 6th class pupils and are stored in the classroom for distribution at lunchtime.  A review of orders from children will take place after Christmas.

Someone else is collecting my child from school….

For children in the infant classes we ask parents/guardians to sign the sheet outside the classroom door if another person is collecting their child.  This is required so that teachers can keep a track of who is collecting and also avoid situations that have arisen in the past, where pupils have been collected by other parents without prior knowledge of the child’s parents.

HSE Health checks…..

Junior Infants & 6th classes have their immunisations done at school.

Senior Infants & 6th classes have eyes & hearings checked at school.

2nd, 4th & 6th have a quick dental check-up at school and a follow up check at the dental clinic if required.

For all of the above checks permission forms will be sent home to parents/guardians, it is vitally important that on receipt of these forms they are returned to the school immediately.

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