Health & Safety

The school has a comprehensive Health and Safety policy, which is placed prominently in the school reception area.  Regular fire drill is practised in the school, and external inspectors check fire equipment regularly.

General Safety on School Premises

Please note that the driveway at the front of the school is for vehicles (of staff) to enter and exit, all pedestrian users must use the pedestrian entrance at all times. All parents/guardians and children must enter and exit the school using the pathway along the left hand side of the school. Dogs must not be brought onto the school premises at any time. Smoking is strictly forbidden in the school building & its environs.

Children being collected before home time

•    Sign-in sheet in the classroom to be signed by parent/guardian before child is allowed to leave
•    If a person other than parent/guardian is collecting a child, written permission from parent/guardian must be given to class teacher and person must also sign sheet
•    In emergency situation parent/guardian may make a phone call to the school office (4938677) to say that someone other than themselves is collecting a child, the school office will inform the class teacher
•    If a parent/guardian is asked to collect a sick child they must also sign the sheet
•    If possible try to make dental or medical appointments after school hours so as not to disrupt your child’s work, children visiting the dentist and returning to school must follow procedure
•    If a child is being collected from the playground the person collecting must sign the sheet at the office or resource room and the class teacher must be informed.

Car Users

Parents must not drive or park in the school courtyard at any time. Parents must not  park in the clearway marked at the school entrance. Double-parking,  parking on double yellow lines or parking in front of the pedestrian gate is not permitted. Parents are asked to walk children down the pathway. All parents must notify those collecting their children of our school policy i.e. crèches, minders, relatives. We encourage families to walk/cycle to school if this is feasible. If parking, please consider parking in a safe place within the local vicinity and walking the rest of the way. Parking outside the school gates increases the danger to children coming into and going from school.

Cycling to School

Cyclists must dismount and walk with their bicycle or scooter down the pathway. Children who cycle to school must wear a helmet. All bicycles, scooters etc, must be securely locked at the bicycle rack at the school entrance gate. Children wearing roller blades to school must take them off at before entering the main school gate.


We ask that buggies are not brought into the building, there is a buggy park at the side door.