Absent Days & Illness

Children who are unwell should not be sent to school.  Parents must report any contagious illnesses/infections immediately to the Principal or class teacher.  Notes are circulated to parents informing them of any contagious infection within the child’s class.  Disruption and upsets such as family illness, bereavement, separation, or even a lost/sick pet can cause upset and insecurity for a child, so it is very helpful if you can let us know of any disruption which may cause your child distress.  When a child is absent  a written note of explanation must be furnished to the class teacher. (Absence day note)

Holidays & Early Closings

Details of all holidays are published on the Parents Google Calendar below. Parents are encouraged to arrange holidays during these periods.

Emergency Closures

In the event of a heavy snowfall, high winds, thunderstorms, disconnection of services, critical death or incident, the Principal will consult with the Chairperson of the B.O.M. as soon as is feasible, and a decision is made as to whether it is in the interests of all parties to close the school. If it is decided to close the school, the school will contact parents through text, email and the school website. A note will be placed on the school gate. If the school has already opened when an incident occurs, staff will remain on the premises until parents/guardians have collected all children.