The Learn Together ethical education curriculum is taught in place of religious instruction in Educate Together schools. There are four strands in the Learn Together; Moral and Spiritual, Equality and Justice, Belief Systems and Ethics and the Environment.

The ethical education curriculum is described by Educate Together as:

An education which helps learners to develop critical awareness and understanding of moral decision-making, and a heightened awareness of social, ethical and moral issues and standards. 

Ethical Education nurtures respect for a person’s right to hold and practice religious and other beliefs. It involves an exploration of the infinite variety and richness of humankind, and the creation of intercultural spaces where values can be articulated and critically examined. 

Ethical Education focuses on questions of equality, justice, sustainability and active citizenship. It helps learners to develop spiritually and to think critically, and empowers them to make a difference. (

The Learn Together Mission Statement is:

To promote a philosophy of education in which no child is considered an outsider; which promotes the fullest development of ability irrespective of gender, class or stereotype and which encapsulates this ethos in a democratic partnership uniquely combining the involvement of parents with the professional role of teachers.