Schools are required to have a School Self-Evaluation Report and School Improvement Plan (SIP) in place. As part of this process, boards of management are also required to complete a legislative and regulatory checklist. A summary SSE report and SIP should also be made available to the school community.

Below are links to RETNS School Self-Evaluation Reports  and School Improvement Plans. We have also included our Digital Learning Plan and Curriculum Evaluation Report on Gaeilge. We also include the results of a Gaeilge Parental Survey. 

School Improvement Plan (Numeracy)

SSE Report (Numeracy)

SSE Report RETNS (Literacy)

RETNS School Improvement Plan (Literacy)

RETNS Digital Learning Plan 2018-2019

Gaeilge Curriculum Evaluation Report

Gaeilge Parental Survey

Report and School Improvement Plan February 2020