Senior Infants and 6th Class Maths Games

Senior Infants and 6th Class Maths Games

To celebrate Maths Week 6th Class and Senior Infants came together in the hall to play a variety of Maths games. The children had great fun working co-operatively and learning from one another. It was brilliant to see the children applying their mathematical skills in an exciting new surrounding! [Show slideshow]

My Student Council Experience

With the Student Council elections happening on Friday (the 17th), an outgoing member of the council (Eve Leslie in 4th class) decided to write a piece about her experience and what she feels makes a good student councillor. Click below to read her piece. My Student Council Experience

Planting in 3rd class

Planting in 3rd class

[Show slideshow] TREE DAY We would like to thank everyone for taking part in tree day. We would like thank all the classes for doing projects for tree day such as planting trees and learning about them. As it is the year of the Alder Tree, 3rd class planted an Alder outside behind the bins […]


Sati’s Art With 5th Class

Our Nepalese visitor, Sati, taught 5th class to make beautiful origami flowers. The children really enjoyed her lesson and Sati was very impressed with their creativity. “It was really fun!”- Sorcha “5th class grew a rose garden in the classroom!”- Megan “It was a new type of art for me.”- Ben “It was so much […]


Nepalese visitors

Classes 3rd-6th had a very special Learn Together lesson under the Equality and Justice strand, when they had a very interesting and informative talk from three representatives of ‘Just-One’, an organisation working for justice and rights for children in Nepal. Declan, who runs the organisation and is a primary teacher, gave a very stimulating lesson […]


Celebrating Tree Week in Junior Infants

To mark Tree Week, Junior Infants learned a little bit about the importance of trees to both humans and animals. We then ventured to the wildlife garden to take some tree rubbings. These will be on display in the classroom very soon.   [Show slideshow]