Sati’s Art With 5th Class

Our Nepalese visitor, Sati, taught 5th class to make beautiful origami flowers. The children really enjoyed her lesson and Sati was very impressed with their creativity. “It was really fun!”- Sorcha “5th class grew a rose garden in the classroom!”- Megan “It was a new type of art for me.”- Ben “It was so much […]


Nepalese visitors

Classes 3rd-6th had a very special Learn Together lesson under the Equality and Justice strand, when they had a very interesting and informative talk from three representatives of ‘Just-One’, an organisation working for justice and rights for children in Nepal. Declan, who runs the organisation and is a primary teacher, gave a very stimulating lesson […]


Celebrating Tree Week in Junior Infants

To mark Tree Week, Junior Infants learned a little bit about the importance of trees to both humans and animals. We then ventured to the wildlife garden to take some tree rubbings. These will be on display in the classroom very soon.   [Show slideshow]


Busy Bees in RETNS

On Wednesday we had a very interesting and entertaining visitor in the shape of Joe, aka, ‘the bee man’. Joe told us all about bees and why they are so important to us. The children learned lots and really enjoyed themselves. Below are some photos from the day. [Show slideshow] 12►  


5th Class Roman Project

The children in 5th Class have been researching information for their Roman projects. They have also been learning how to make PowerPoint presentations to show in a Senior Assembly in November. Here you can see the children hard at work in their groups making their PowerPoint presentations.  

Junior Infant & 5th Class Buddy Reading

Junior Infant & 5th Class Buddy Reading

Junior Infants welcomed the boys and girls from 5th class into our classroom for an afternoon of Buddy Reading. Each junior infant was paired up with someone from 5th class, they chose a book and had it read to them. We all had a really relaxing and enjoyable afternoon. Have a look at the pictures […]