Group School Expo Photo

President Higgins visits our stall at Expo.




Enjoying the day in Expo! More photos… [Show slideshow] 12►


Ready To Go – To Expo

Green-Schools Expo The Green-Schools Expo, Ireland’s first environmental expo for schools, takes place in the Industries Hall of the RDS today, Thursday. February 25th. The expo will showcase and celebrate the innovative, exciting and original work schools across the country are doing to improve and protect the environment through the Green-Schools programme. RETNS is honoured […]


2nd Class Aboriginal Art

Aboriginal Art – by Laoise in 2nd Class     On Wednesday the 27th of January 2016 2nd Class did Aboriginal Art. How did the Aborigines do art? The Aborigines did it by little dots. Like this: ….. Only a LOT more colourful. It is almost like finger painting! We did it with chalk. The […]

Wildlife Garden

Wildlife Garden

Plant life in the garden is dormant, but our feathered friends are busier than ever, and the recent cold spell means a shortage of food for our garden birds. Some children from 4th and 5th classes have been supplementing the birds’ natural diet with homemade fat balls. They enjoyed the process and learnt a lot, […]


Winterfest 2015 – Celebrating 25 years of RETNS

What a wonderful bunch of talented children we have in the school. They certainly displayed all of their considerable talent to bring us Winterfest 2015 a celebration of 25 years of RETNS. Click on any of the videos below to remind you of the fabulous show we were lucky to see before Christmas and maybe […]