Winterfest 2016 – Class Videos

Just before we head back to school, we would like to remind you all how talented your children are!

You will find below the children’s performances from our Winterfest 2016 celebration. Winterfest 2016 was a celebration of light and darkness coming at a time when daylight is at its lowest point of the year. Children from 5th Class gave you the story of Diwali, the Hindu festival of light while 2nd Class informed us about Hanukkah, a Jewish festival celebrated in December. Our 6th Class collaborated on writing their own piece on what would happen if either light or dark were in control all of the time. Junior Infants and Senior Infants entertained us with singing “Wish upon a Star”. 3rd Class showed us how the school is full of “Stars” with a talent show. 4th Class concentrated on the moon and entertained and educated us with a phases of the moon song. 1st Class did a lovely performance about Puff a dragon who has lost his fire. And as if that wasn’t enough entertainment, 5th and 6th choir sang for us and at the end of the show, all the classes came together and performed. Thank you to Jack from 5th and Lee from 6th who videoed all of the performances. You guys rock!

Junior & Senior Infants

1st Class

2nd Class

3rd Class

4th Class

5th Class

6th Class

5th & 6th Choir

Whole School Performance

Kidsblog Comments Policy – Parent/Staff Survey

Kidsblog Comments Policy – Parent/Staff Survey

surveyOur school recognises the value of technology, and encourages its use in a teaching and learning context. The RETNS kidsblog was set up to enable the children to share their work in an online world, and prepare the children to be effective, responsible citizens. The blog gives the children the chance to experience the opportunities and the challenges presented by technology, in a safe, nurturing environment.
To minimise the challenges that may be experienced by the children, staff and the wider school community, a policy on posting comments on the kidsblog is required. 
We would very much appreciate if you would complete the survey so that your views can be incorporated into an acceptable use policy on commenting on the kidsblog. 
Surveys are open until midday, December 1st.

Kids Blog Comments Policy – Parent/Staff Survey

6th Class Knitting Projects

6th Class Knitting Projects


This year in 6th class we started knitting bunnies.

We did a lot of knitting with the help of Clodagh and we got loads done. It was a good experience to let everyone get to know how to knit.

To knit a bunny you start by knitting a square and then sewing it together with a darning needle. Everyone took part and had a cracking good time. It took a while for everybody to get a good bit done. Everyone enjoyed it and we spent the first two weeks knitting during Golden Time and DEAR time. Eventually we started changing colours in wool and used most spare time knitting. Some people brought their knitting home with them to knit there as well.

Some people have finished and most people are nearly done. Many of the boys have enjoyed it more than the girls. Clodagh said that would happen and she was right! No one has finished sewing their bunny yet, but we have good knitters who are very close.

By Jessica N & Hans.

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