Snow Day!

Snow Day!

On Tuesday the 16th of January 2018, something unexpected occurred. It was something that hadn’t happened in seven years…

It started with our class listening to music while making collages. Suddenly someone shouted “Hey look out the window!” Most of the class sprinted to the window, while some stayed in their seats eagerly waiting to see what the commotion was about. IT WAS SNOWING!!!!!! But it was too wet to stick. We started to go back to our art, but we couldn’t resist taking one more look out the window. We were wrong! It was sticking! We begged Anna to let us go outside. When the snow was really heavy, she finally said YES! She told us to wrap up and be silent going down the stairs, as other classes might not be going outside. As we walked down the stairs, it snowed more and more. When we made it outside we made snowmen (little ones) and snow angels (until we were told not to lie on the ground!). We also caught snowflakes on our tongues. It was cold, but absolutely amazing! Suddenly, our WHOLE class started a… snowball fight!!!!!!!!          

Snowballs were EVERYWHERE, in the air and on the ground. Nathalie even threw a snowball at Anna! This went on for ten to fifteen minutes, until sadly, the snow started to die down. Overall it was a great (and surprising) beginning to 2018, and we all really enjoyed it!

By Kaitlyn and Abbie

Winterfest 2017 – Peter Pan

Final rehearsals are taking place, both performances are booked to capacity and we are all looking forward to Winterfest 2017, our whole school performance of Peter Pan. Here are some pictures from our dress rehearsal to give a flavour of what’s to come!





Celebrating Science Week

5th and 6th classes are busy preparing for their annual Science Fair to be held on Friday, November 24th.

1st, 2nd and 3rd enjoyed their Lego workshops.

JI and SI had a great day at Imaginosity to enjoy all things science!

Following instructions. 


  The finished products!



Third class at work.



Some pictures of Junior and Senior Infants’ trip to Imaginosity.


Junior Infants & 5th Maths Trail

On Thursday, Junior Infants and 5th class decided to buddy up and complete a maths trail around the school as part of Maths Week. We had to find different shapes around the yard and count things to get the right answers. It was lots of fun and educational too!


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5th Class Roman Project

The children in 5th Class have been researching information for their Roman projects. They have also been learning how to make PowerPoint presentations to show in a Senior Assembly in November.

Here you can see the children hard at work in their groups making their PowerPoint presentations.


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Junior Infant & 5th Class Buddy Reading

Junior Infants welcomed the boys and girls from 5th class into our classroom for an afternoon of Buddy Reading. Each junior infant was paired up with someone from 5th class, they chose a book and had it read to them. We all had a really relaxing and enjoyable afternoon. Have a look at the pictures below.


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