4th Class Make Soup!

4th Class Make Soup!

4th Class make Soup from our Vegetable Garden

This week 4th class made a wonderful vegetable soup using some of their vegetables harvested from their bed in our side garden.

We had carrots, beetroot, onions and parsnips that we took from our bed last week and made a delicious soup, all with the help of our staff chef, Anne!

The children had a great time washing, peeling and chopping the vegetables. Afterwards, we had a mini-soup party! See below for a slideshow of our pictures!

Raising our Active Schools Flag!

Raising our Active Schools Flag!


On Friday morning, we gathered outside the front of our school to raise our newly attained Active Schools Flag.

Dennis, who was assisted by Ruairí and Jodie, unfurled our new flag and raised it up on the flagpole. 

We have been working towards the Active Schools flag for two years and it was a lovely moment to see it being hoisted outside our school for the first time. We celebrated the raising of the flag with a Shake Up, Wake Up!

This year, the Active Schools Team will be including boys and girls from 2nd to 6th class who think they can help our school become a more active place. Darren will speak to all the classes later in the week.

Thank you to everyone in the school community who helped us with this fantastic achievement. 

4th Class Blooming Busy Bees by Mina

4th Class Blooming Busy Bees by Mina

Bloom by Mina

Last week. 4th class went to Bloom in the Phoenix Park. Bloom is a place where people come to look at show gardens and learn about gardening. At Bloom there is also yummy food made by farmers.

This year we made a stand with facts about bees. We were excited to see our stall! We made pom-pom bees, rocks bees and we even had some bees knitted by members of our staff!

Also around our stall, there was a place where you could look at worms and the place where the worms stayed. It was called a wormery!

After we saw our stall, we sat and ate lunch. Then we looked at the show gardens, played some games with Mouse and saw Michael D. Higgins!

We had a lovely day at Bloom!

Active Schools Week 2019

Active Schools Week 2019

Image result for active schools flag logo

Active Schools Week took place between the 7th to the 10th of May and it was a wonderful success!

Every morning, hail, rain or shine, we kicked off with Shake Up, Wake Up! Our AS Team helped us out by demonstrating some of the actions for us!

In each classroom, teachers made sure that extra time was given for Active Breaks! Teachers used Go Noodle, Bizzy Breaks and 10 @ 10.

The school participated again in the Run Around Europe Challenge and we made it even further than the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin! This year we managed to run over 1,600 km which means we made it as far as Lake Bled in Slovenia! Well done everyone!

To round off an eventful and active week, we had a jersey day on Friday to display the different sports and interests of our children and staff. 

And finally, some 5th and 6th class students took on the mighty staff team in a game of hotseat. The winning team is still a source of debate!

Thanks to all who helped out this week – staff, parents, guardians and children! 

And a particularly massive thank you to Molly, Alice, Ruairí and Jodie of the Active Schools Team. 


4th Class Trip to the Rediscovery Centre by Grace

4th Class Trip to the Rediscovery Centre by Grace

4th class working hard on their art pieces!

Today we went to the Rediscovery Centre. I was partnered with Alice. It took a long time to get there but I enjoyed the ride.

On the way I saw what looked like a lighthouse but it was very far away from the water. I pointed it to Alice and she said it was the Rediscovery Centre!

When we got inside, we had a small snack and met our guides. He said that in the Rediscovery Centre they do fashion, furniture, paint, bikes and education workshops. They would get old fabric, paint and other things to make new things.

We focused on Litter and Waste, we were told:

  1. About the three R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  2. Waste will never go away, it will always be on Earth.
  3. Every year, Ireland produces 19.8 million tonnes of waste. This is enough to fill Croke Park 3 times!
  4. You can put the top of a pizza box in the recycling bin and the bottom half into compost.
  5. Chewing gum is not biodegradable. This means that it will never wear away.
  6. It takes 1 million years for glass to biodegrade.
  7. They took old IKEA bags and turned them into raincoats!

We also played some games. After that we made pictures using recyclable materials. Then we had lunch at the pond. I saw a lot of fish.

We then got our art back. Mine had my initials on it. Then we went back to school. The trip was fun!