4th Class Trip – The Viking Splash Tour! by Jodie Hand

4th Class Trip – The Viking Splash Tour! by Jodie Hand

Today we went on the Viking Splash tour. First we got a bus from our school to town. After we were all out of the bus we got into the Viking Splash tour boat. The Viking Splash tour boats were made by women in America during the second World War. They called it the DUKW (pronounced duck). We got into seats, put on our helmets and off we went. Real Viking helmets didn’t have horns but on the Viking splash tour the helmets did have horns. We passed some really old houses that were made in the Georgian times. We drove through town until we reached a ramp with water. We put on our life jackets then the boat went into the water. We saw some divers and the Google offices.

Botanic Garden Recount by Noah Dodson (4th class)

On the 14th of March, 4th class and I went to the Botanic Gardens. We left at 9:00 am. My partners were

Emil and Ruairi. It took about 1 hour to get there on the bus.

When we arrived we were split into two different groups, one half went with Darren and

The other went with Anna. I was in Anna’s group. The first thing we did was go into a Viking

Hut. Our tour guide Karen told us about the Vikings using wood, plants and reeds to make

their huts.

Then we went into a room with cacti and succulent plants.

My favourite bit which was the next bit was Ireland’s only TROPICAL RAINFOREST!!!

It had loads of cool and interesting trees, plants and herbs.

After we went into a room with carnivorous plants like ones that eat insects and bugs

such as fly’s, tiny beetles and tiny insects.

Next we went to a place where we could plant our own marigolds. A guy called Leo

helped us.

Then we had our lunch in a café and an empty room.

We were there for about 2 hours. On the way back it took about 1 hour to get to school.

On the bus on the way back Emil and I fell asleep for about 10 minutes until Alfie woke

us up.

And that was 4th class’s trip to the Botanic Gardens. I hope you enjoyed reading about it!!!

4th Class Trip to the Pearse Museum by Mia McPartling

Today 4th class went on a school trip to the Patrick Pearse museum and saw a lot of lovely ancient artefacts and found out a lot of interesting facts here are a couple facts we learned:

1 The museum started off as a family house.

2 The school was a private secondary boarding school.

3 Patrick Pearse worked for a newspaper called An Claioeam Soluir.

4 The school closed in 1916 and reopened in September of the same year because of the Easter Rising.

Then we went and had our lunch on the front steps of the museum.

I enjoyed the experience.

Peace Proms by Annie and Emil

Peace Proms by Annie and Emil

On Sunday, 4th February 2018, 4th class went to Peace Proms. We met at the school at 4:15 . I was quite excited but late. We took a bus to the RDS and everyone was chatting about this thing and another. When we got there we had to wait on the bus because the concert before us hadn’t cleared out yet. When we finally got inside we had to wait even more because everyone had to be seated. When the rehearsal started we all stood up and sang all the songs. Greg, our conductor, gave us a few pointers. After the rehearsal we ate our snack. After that parents poured in and took their seats. It took ages because they were chatting to their children. Well, it ended up taking over an hour. At the start of the concert we were the opening act with the Disney Medley. The orchestra and soloists did a few things then we did Hairspray. Earth Song came next. Then Pop Medley. I really enjoyed everything and reach came next. Last but not least You’re the Voice. At the end of the concert we went to the waiting area. A lot of parents were already there.

4th Class visit Rathfarnham Castle

4th Class visit Rathfarnham Castle

Last week, 4th class took a short walk down to Rathfarnham Castle where our tour guide, Eoin showed us around. Over the last couple of weeks, the children have been researching and creating projects based on the locality.

There was a wonderful variety of projects from posters to books, scratch projects to videos.

Keep an eye on the Kids’ Blog over the next few days as some of the children’s recount pieces will appear.

Meanwhile, have a look at Saul’s fantastic video project!