On Tuesday, October 23 Third Class went on a visit to Trinity College to see the Book of Kells.  The children have been learning lots about early Christian Ireland and the Book of Kells in recent weeks and they really impressed their guide, Sinéad, with the amount of knowledge they had at their fingertips.  Sinéad gave them a guided tour of the exhibition, showing them real velum and quills just like the monks used to use.  They saw the book itself in its glass case and learned how important it is that it is kept in a carefully controlled environment.  They went on to visit Trinity’s famous Long Room, with its amazing barrel-vaulted ceiling .  Third Class now know that it is 65 metres long and has over 200,000 books!!  They heard a lovely story about a very famous cat, Pangur Bán.  Before going back to school the children also got to visit the geology building, where they saw the skeletons of giant red deer and the amazing use of stone from all over Ireland throughout the building.  It was a great day and a well-deserved reward for the children’s hard work on their Book of Kells inspired stories.