On November 4th class started the ground preperation works for our Pocket Forest project. The site we chose is in Loreto park, just a short walk from the school. We started by foraging for old sticks and twigs to add fungi to our chosen site. We dug the ground and added compost from our wormery. We watered the site with water from the local river and covered the grass with a layer of cardboard to stop any unwanted growth. We covered the cardboared with a thick layer of mulch that we collected locally.

In March, we returned to the site and planted 15 native species of tree and shrub. We staked the saplings with branches from our wildlife garden on the school grounds. 4th class will continue to manage and care for the pocket forest until we graduate from Primary school.

Written and typed by Éamonn, Tadhg and Anthony

4th Class