This October the buzz in the school is all about elections. While Ireland is gearing up for our presidential election, our school will go to the polls and select our Student Council for the next year. In third/fourth class, we have been ably represented for the last year by George and Jack. They can’t run again this year but they wish the candidates going forward for election, the best of luck. We interviewed George and Jack to find out how they felt about their year on the Student Council and to see what advice they had for prospective candidates.

“George, have you enjoyed your time on the Student Council?”
“I have really enjoyed it, working on fundraisers was a lot of fun” replied George.

“Would you go for the council again?”
“Yes, but I can only go again in 6th class” replied George.

“What did you least like about being on the Student Council?”
“I liked everything” said George.

“What was your role?”
“We represented the point of view of 3rd class, we represented our school when Firhouse School came here to find out about our Student Council and we talked to them. We fed information to and from 3rd class to the council.”

“What was your favourite part of being on the Student Council?”
“Games day/Bake sale was the most fun day.

“Have you any advice for potential candidates?”
“Be confident in your speeches. If you do get on the council, be very confident when making announcements. Best of luck to all who are going for the council this year”

“Jack, how did you feel when you were going for the council last year?”
“I was nervous but confident in myself. I felt confident about speaking out in front of a crowd.” Said Jack.

“Have you any advice for this year’s candidates?”
“Practice your speech, don’t add too many ideas, just a few. Don’t make too many promises you can’t keep” replied Jack.

“What was your favourite part of the job?”
“My favourite part was walking around the school. George and I talked about this and we both felt it was like being part of the Government. Student Council elections make you see what overall elections are about.“

“Jack, what were your highlights from your year on the Student Council?”
“Well I remember the relief at the end of the speech, it was off your shoulders a bit. It was brilliant to be part of Games day!”

“Would you go for the Student Council again?”
“Definitely when I am in 6th class.”

“What didn’t you like about it?”
“Well sometimes it was a nice day outside and you had to miss break because you were at a meeting. One time we missed Golden Time as we were at a meeting. You have to be responsible on the Council. Overall though, it was worth it and I loved being part of the Student Council.”

“Can you tell me a bit about the Student Council?”
“There are twelve people on the council, two from third and fourth classes each, three from fifth class and five from sixth class. The chairperson is the sixth class child with the most votes. We all had different jobs, like George and Bill shared the role of Secretary, we had a treasurer etc.

Did you know?

  • Elections were first held in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome as well as the medieval period in Europe to elect the Emperor of Rome and the Pope.
  • Elections are an essential part of democracy. In Ireland, in 1918, women could vote in the elections for the first time.
  • We have had nine different presidents in Ireland since the first election in 1938, two of them were women.