Green Schools Action Day

We are all excited about our Green Schools Action Day which takes place tomorrow. This is our celebration of our work towards, and achievement of, our sixth Green Flag for Global Citizenship – Litter and Waste. We would love if as many parents, guardians, grandparents as possible could join us for the official part of the day which begins at 9.15 am with the Flag Raising Ceremony. When the Green Flag has been carefully unfolded and raised by the Green Team we will proceed to the new Community Veg Garden at the side of the school. This garden has been planned for some time and has now (literally!) come to fruition. Its secret is its simplicity. All members of the school community were invited to take part in creating the garden and we had lots of volunteer parents, grandparents, staff, staff family members and children, who each played their part in creating a beautiful space which will hopefully be used in lots of creative ways for many years to come. At the moment all classes have had an opportunity to plant various vegetables and fruit and we look forward to a bumper harvest!

For the children we will have our Mad Hatter’s Picnic at lunchtime and we will also launch our new Active Schools Walkway, which is a new walkway marked out around the school which will be used for numerous activities in the future. Thanks to Dennis for putting up the active walkway signs and for his lesson in flag folding, a skill which he is delighted to impart to the children.