On Wednesday 31st May, 6th Class Girls Basketball Team played a final in the National Basketball Arena in Tallaght. We played a team from Divine Mercy. We left at 11:40 and headed off on our way to the National Basketball Arena. While we waited until the match started at 12:40 we warmed up and did a little light training with our coach Mandy. The team was split into three groups of 4.


Everyone was working hard to win and Divine Mercy were tough competition. But in the end our hard training all year allowed us to win. We all jumped up and down and cheered so loud they could probably hear us back at the school! The final score was 36-16! On the way up to collect our medals Elle and Amber were made co-captains. We lined up and each got a medal. We also got a trophy. We owe many many thanks to our coach Mandy (Elle’s Mom who coached us and the boys all year) It was an amazing day out! By AnnaMae and Nadeen.