Food Waste Workshop

On Wednesday, 6th class did a workshop based on food waste.  Nuala Madigan visited us from Trifocal Ireland. Here is what we learnt.

  • 1,000,000 tonnes of food gets wasted each year just in Ireland. This is bad because when it rots it releases a greenhouse gas.
  • Because of drought this year in the summer, farming has been affected and potato crops have failed this year.
  • As well as wasting food we are also wasting money.

We waste €3,000 -€150,000 per year.

Did you know…?

  • 50% of all salads are wasted.
  • 20% of all breads are wasted.
  • 10% of all meats are wasted.
  • 10% of all dairies are wasted.
  • Some tea bags have plastic fibres, so check before you put in compost, or it could burn it.Our Food Waste Project

    Our next question is Can we grow lettuce, onions and radishes in winter inside?


    • 2x mineral/coke bottles.
    • 1x push pin.
    • Soil
    • 1x box (preferably hard plastic).
    • Water
    • Seeds

    Neva Orlovic and Lucy Lloyd (Green Team)