This year the Dublin Primary School Association Athletics Competition (normally held in Santry) was held in UCD. RETNS took part on Tuesday 23rd May versus 30 other schools from around Dublin. RETNS had four teams from 5th and 6th class to compete in the running competition. Ruby 5th Class came third in her Sprints race and took home the bronze medal. In the Relay races, all four teams made it to the finals. 6th Class girls came third in their Relay race and won bronze. The 5th Class boys took gold in their Relay race and came home with a cup! Everyone ran amazingly and had a great day out. Here are the children who competed. 


6th Class Girls

Lauren, Maeve S, Irie, Lucy and Maebh C

6th Class Boys

Samuel G, Donagh, Anthony, Leo and Tadhg

5th Class Girls

Grace, Ruby, Aoife, Simone, Abby

5th Class Boys

Zac, Tadhg, Eamon, Martin and Marvin

Congratulations to everyone who participated!

By Lauren, Irie and Maeve S. 

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