Bring a rock to school!

A weird suggestion don’t you think? Well 4th class are trying to re-build the pond. The present pond was full of dead leaves and very smelly water. For a pond to work you need to 1: have a pump cleaning and filtering the water or 2: use oxegenating plants to clean and filter the pond. This is the method 4th want to use to set up the correct eco-system in our pond. Last week 4th class children put aqua soil in the cleaned out pond and they planted marginal plants on the sides, a water-lily in the deeper part of the pond and some oxegenating plants dripping down from the marginal areas into the deeper part of the pond. In order to anchor the soil at the marginal level and allow the plants to flourish there, we need rocks! We would ask kids to bring in a rock weighing about 1/2 kg to school to contribute to our pond! Rocks can be left at the community garden any morning next week and 4th will gather these rocks and place them in the pond. At that stage we will refill the pond and place the wheel grid on top at a higher level. This will allow the plants to grow. Thanks in advance! Darren