What it means to be an Educate Together School?

What it means to be an Educate Together School?

What it means to be in an Educate Together school?

by Lucy Lloyd 6th Class

The lists are endless on this topic, because there is an endless amount of reasons to why our schools is great.

On paper it means to be child centred, equality based, democratic and co-educational. But to the students, teachers, SNAs and parents our school can be a miraculous place. To children it’s a palace of creativity with free writing, art, Winterfests and so much more. To the teachers it’s a refreshing and exciting job where they can also learn new things about religions, culture and science. For SNAs it’s a place where they can shine in every way helping with the little and big problems. To parents it’s a place where they can send their kids knowing they will learn without bias. If these people rejected the school and its teaching there would not be so many .E.T. schools in the world. But they didn’t and look, there are even secondary .E.T. schools. It means a lot that these schools are here, to me, my family, my friends and everyone I know. That is what it means to be in an Educate Together.  We used #myeducatetogether to help us remember about being in an Educate Together school.


6th Class Visit Cool Planet

6th Class Visit Cool Planet

6th Class visited Cool Planet as part of Science Week. It is based in Powerscourt and it is an interactive center where you can investigate the story of Ireland’s changing climate. Children discovered what is making our climate change, the science behind it & how you can help create a healthy future for you and the planet. We participated in lots of interactive games, activities and in a science workshop. Each child had a wristband that helped them view their carbon footprint as they explored the different challenges online. The goal was to think about how you can reduce your carbon footprint. Children could check their results online.  Ronan

Food Waste Workshop in 6th Class

Food Waste Workshop in 6th Class

Food Waste Workshop

On Wednesday, 6th class did a workshop based on food waste.  Nuala Madigan visited us from Trifocal Ireland. Here is what we learnt.

  • 1,000,000 tonnes of food gets wasted each year just in Ireland. This is bad because when it rots it releases a greenhouse gas.
  • Because of drought this year in the summer, farming has been affected and potato crops have failed this year.
  • As well as wasting food we are also wasting money.

We waste €3,000 -€150,000 per year.

Did you know…?

  • 50% of all salads are wasted.
  • 20% of all breads are wasted.
  • 10% of all meats are wasted.
  • 10% of all dairies are wasted.
  • Some tea bags have plastic fibres, so check before you put in compost, or it could burn it.Our Food Waste Project

    Our next question is Can we grow lettuce, onions and radishes in winter inside?


    • 2x mineral/coke bottles.
    • 1x push pin.
    • Soil
    • 1x box (preferably hard plastic).
    • Water
    • Seeds

    Neva Orlovic and Lucy Lloyd (Green Team)

Science Week in 6th Class

This week as part of Science Week children in 6th class were looking at Google X – The Moonshot Factory, Googles top secret innovation department. Google X create some radical technologies to solve some of the worlds problems. https://x.company/ Children used this as inspiration to link the Global Goals with Google X and present a presentation about how they could solve the worlds toughest problems. The presentations were very innovative and were presented using different media. Some ideas included Drone technology, plant based medical research facilities, Wasteshark, solar powered technology to name but a few. Our presentations will be on display during the science fair. Children also completed a number of STEM challenges and looked at the life and work of Pierre and Marie Curie. Children in 6th class will also be visiting the Cool Planet Climate Change exhibition in Powerscourt on Tuesday 20th of November. 

6th & 2nd Maths Trail

6th & 2nd Maths Trail

As part of Maths week, 6th class students worked collaboratively to create a Maths Trail for 2nd class. Then they took groups of 2nd class children around the school environment to explore all the elements of the 2nd class Maths curriculum. Armed with lots of resources including tablets, the 6th class children guided their Maths buddies through a range of problem solving skills throughout the school. Second class children showed great inquiry skills and loved the challenges set for them by the 6th class boys and girls. The 6th class boys and girls have to be commended for their leadership and for helping the younger children develop their Maths skills. The weather was great and we had a great time focusing on STEM. 

Ronan and Patricia