Career’s Week

Career’s Week

Careers Week

In March the Student Council hosted an excellent Careers Week in RETNS. Thank you to all of the parents who volunteered their time to come in to speak to the classes about their jobs. The children and staff really enjoyed the week, and learned a lot about all sorts of different places of work, ranging from Dublin Zoo to UCD Chemistry School. They also explored new and interesting topics such as Virtual Reality, currency markets, looking after new babies, hotel management and sculpture. It was a really fun and informative week, and we hope to host another one in the future.

Playground Planning!

Playground Planning!

The school community are delighted to hear that Dunlaoighre Rathdown County Council are planning to renovate the playground in Loreto Park, and the Student Council were even more delighted to hear that they would get to have an input into what the new playground will look like!  This week, two members of the County Council came to the school, where some members of our Student Council along with some children from The Good Shepherd N.S were given the opportunity to work together to give their thoughts and opinions on what they think about the current playground. Then in groups they took some time to discuss what would work well in the new space, and came up with some great ideas and designs. These designs will now be sent to a contractor, and we hope to get to see the final plans before the council set to work in September.

Finger Knitting in Junior Infants!

Finger knitting in Junior Infants!

Junior Infants are currently working hard on a wonderful finger knitting project! This tricky skill requires a lot of concentration and perseverance, but the finished products and the children’s sense of achievement are more than worth the effort. A special thank you to parent volunteer Britt Johnson, for teaching the children (and some of the staff!) how to knit without needles!

Aistear in Junior Infants!

Aistear in Junior Infants!

The children in Junior Infants have really been enjoying their Aistear playtime every Wednesday and Thursday! Aistear is curriculum framework for early childhood which provides enjoyable and challenging learning experiences to help the children develop as competent and confident learners.

Our current Aistear theme is The Post Office, and the children have been having a great time learning about how letters and parcels are posted, sorted and delivered all around the world! We began learning all about the postal system when we received some Christmas decorations from schools in Germany and Spain, who we had contacted through an e-twinning project. The children loved looking at the different stamps and packages, and so we made our very own class Post Office! Over the past two weeks, the class have been enjoying writing postcards, invitations, cards and and letters, filling out application  forms for TV licences and passports, packaging and labeling their own parcels, and role playing in the Post Office. They have also been working hard at sorting letters and parcels, making deliveries around the class, and even making their own model post offices from Lego!



Global Goals


Over the past couple of weeks 6th class have been learning about the Global Goals.

The Global Goals have been drawn up to focus on three main areas they are to:

  • End extreme poverty
  • Fix climate change
  • Fight inequality and injustice

The Global Goals are set every fifteen years, in an attempt to make the world a better place for everyone everywhere.

Each child in our class had to make a poster representing one of the goals.

These posters were made for our presentation of the global goals.

Then Calum wrote a song to sing with the class in our presentation.

We have now made a music video and are planning to send the song into the global goals.

We hope they like it.

Calum , Sam , Niamh