On the 28th of February, 6th class went to Trinity College to see the Book of Kells. 

In the morning, we got to school and prepared for the trip. When the bus arrived at 9:30, everyone found their partners and headed downstairs.

We arrived at 10 o’clock and went inside to the college. We met our tour guide, Sinéad. She explained the history of the book to us and told us interesting facts. She also played a few games with us. 

After that, Sinéad brought us in to see the Book of Kells. It was on a beautiful, artistic page. She also answered all of our questions!

Sinéad also brought us into ‘The Long Room’ and told us about the statues and books in the library.

After the tour, we ate our lunch and returned to school.

By Lotti & Éilis