As we reach the end of a very different school year we can still look back and remember with fondness all the incredible achievements and experiences the boys and girls of the Class of 2020 have had in RETNS. 2020 was a unique school year however we can also make comparisons with the uniqueness and individuality of every child in 6th class. I have no doubt that each child will continue to reach their potential and express themselves in all aspects of their lives as they continue on their learning journey. When you watch the Photo Story it is a story of the primary school life of the Class of 2020 and the main theme is kindness and happiness. That is crystal clear in every single photo and that is what school is all about. The togetherness over the years and friendships that they have made provide lifelong memories. This is not the end, it is just the beginning. May each and everyone of you strive for excellence, be kind and be your best self. 
Best wishes