Fabric and Fibre Project

We have been leaning to sew in 5th Class! We are sewing scenes inspired by the poem Leisure– what is this world if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare. However before we started that, we practiced sewing with embroidery thread on small pieces of fabric. You can have a look at them outside the classroom (; Once we all got used to sewing and practiced it, we read the poem Leisure. Next, we chose a line in the poem and that’s what we are sewing! We haven’t finished yet but when they are- feel free to have a look!

Planting in our Vegeatable Garden

As you all know, Paddy Maden visited our school last week. Paddy very kindly demonstrated how to plant peas! Mmm, sounds tasty! Mya’s dad very kindly donated some cabbage and lettuce plants and we had a lot of fun this week planting in our garden. We’re looking forward to enjoying some of our delicious veg!!


In 5th Class we have been learning about Madagascar. Madagascar is the largest island in Africa and it’s off the east coast.

We have learned about lots of different things like the history, how they broke away from France, the plants & animals- and lots more!

We made posters about native animals in Madagascar


In 5th Class we have also been learning about Sikhism. Sikhism is the world’s youngest major religion as it was founded 500 years ago. In spite of that- it has over 200 million followers! It isn’t from any other religion- for example Christianity and Jewism both follow the same book. It was founded by Guru Nanak.

Some of the Sikh’s main beliefs include:

  • Everyone is equal
  • There is 1 god
  • Men and women are equal
  • To meditate

We also learned about some of their ceremony and made posters.   

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