Pearse Museum 12th February 2019

Today 4th Class went to the Pearse Museum in St Enda’s Park. We walked to the museum, my partners were Alannah and Ruby. When we first arrived we sat on the steps and ate our lunch. FACT: Ruby took the pictures for us.

 Then our tour guide Carmel started our tour, we first saw the art gallery where some of Jack B Yeats prints are held. We then went to the rooms of the school. Where the boys slept it is very cold and the beds aren’t very nice: FACT: The mattresses were made from “horse hair”!

Then Carmel showed us the front entrance where you walked in and were introduced to Padraig Pearse, Mrs Pearse and Willie Pearse. FACT: There is a room which has the butchers block which is purported to being the block Robert Emmet was beheaded on.

After that we went to the mini museum FACT: Eoin MacGoven used to look after the museum.

We went to the Halla Mór where they have a big fireplace, a small stage and a piano called Mrs Bloomer’s piano.


Willie Pearse, Padraig’s brother was the art teacher in the school.

Padraig owned two schools, one was a boy’s school and the other in Ranelagh was a girl’s school.

By Hannah Collins


Pearse Museum Facts & News

  1. It was a boarding school.
  2. He arrived with all his family.
  3. He wanted to make school a better place.
  4. Patrick’s Dad’s name was James Pearse.
  5. Jack Yeats lived near Dundrum.
  6. One of the pictures had an old Irish inscription
  7. There was a special money box to help all of Patrick’s schools.
  8. He owned over 6000 ponds.
  9. 60 children lived here but when the rising came there was 15 kids went to war.
  10. In the museum there is the school museum, so a museum within a museum.
  11. There was lots of notes from 1916 I think.
  12. There was lots of weapons in the museum.
  13. A bellows helped keep the fire alive.
  14. There was a frame on the wall that said “People will say hard things of us now, but later on they will praise us”


It was lots of fun. Once I walked with Hannah and Alannah and the others it was a great day and we had lots of fun.

By Amelia Mooney


Pictures from our trip to Pearse Museum were taken by Ruby.

Pearse Museum and St. Enda's - History on our doorstep.

We are lucky to have the Pearse Museum and St. Enda’s very close to the school. It is well worth a visit as a family with beautiful grounds surrounding the museum and an onsite cafe. Pearse Museum