2nd Class involved in Wormery Construction

The School Wormery

2nd class were very lucky last Friday as they received a visit from Craig, an expert on worms. Craig came into our classroom and we learned lots about worms. Did you know that worms have no lungs, so they breathe through their skin?! They also have 6 stomachs! They have no ears or teeth! After our chat about worms, Craig brought us outside where he had a huge bag of leaves and shredded paper. We had to take the leaves and paper, and soak them in the water, then squeeze out the water before putting them into the big box. When the box was nearly full we added in some soil and then the worms! We got to hold the worms and have a look at them. They were very slimy. We poured in a bucket of fruit and vegetable waste that we had collected on the Thursday from the children’s lunch boxes. Worms’ love apple cores, banana skins, potato peels and carrot peels. We will feed the worms once a week. After around 6 months the box will be full of fresh compost for us to use in our vegetable beds in the garden. Have a look through our gallery below to see the construction and watch how to make your own Wormery by checking out our powerpoint video. Ciara 2nd Class