2nd Class have been studying Space in these early days of Spring. So we decided to finish before mid-term by making a 3D model of the Earth built out of chocolate and rice krispies under the guidance of the wonderful Una! Using a 1/2 sphere or hemi-sphere shape, the chocolate was melted and then mixed with rice krispies and added to the shape. The children particularly loved getting chocolate on their hands and having to lick it off. Using a smaller hemi-sphere we made the centre hollow by pressing that shape down to create the space. The first one went in the freezer while the next mix of melted chocolate and rice krispies were being prepped. By moving the colder half to the freezer we could use the shape again to fill with mixture. The two halves were then put together and the whole globe brought back up to the class. Now it was time to make some oceans and seas. By adding blue edible colour to white roll out icing, we made some some lovely blue ocean coloured icing. Now some children added the blue icing to the Earth. Once they were happy with it, some other children made the land masses out of green and yellow icing.

We allowed the cake rest for about an hour to be one whole globe before cutting it in the afternoon. The children thought the Earth was hollow but to thier amazement, it was filled with Jelly Belly beans! They all got to have some in class before the end of the day. Thank you Una for sharing your talents!

Happy mid-term everyone, Anna