Hour of Code

This week in RETNS, pupils from 2nd, 3rd and 4th classes got a one hour introduction to computer science. This was thanks to an initiative of DCU Institute of Education. This is where many teachers go to learn to be teachers. This year the college asked 4th year B.Ed students to facilitate an Hour of Code in a primary school during either November or December with onc class from 2nd up to 6th. Our teachers were very enthuastic and so Paula Hennessy came and spent Tuesday introducing 2nd, 3rd and 4th classes. Anna Cullen will come here shortly and introduce 5th and 6th class to computer coding. Paula and Anna spent time in our school last year on teacher training placement from DCU. The Hour of Code lessons carried out focuses on the use of Minecraft Tutorials available at code.org/minecraft. You can understand why the children were excited, school and minecraft at the same time!

Here are some direct quotes from 2nd class children:

I thought the hour of coding was Awesome!

I didn’t just like it, I loved it!!

It was really, really good ☺

I thought it was amazing!

Amazing coding!

I thought it was super!

I thought it was a great way to learn, it was great fun! 

It was a bit confusing but I liked it.

Two levels in and you’ll be glued to it!

I thought it was really fun to learn.

Its unbelievable coding.

I think that every class should do it.

I like Minecraft and I like coding, so combined it was amazing.