Green Schools



Our Green School Flag Pennants 

This year’s Green Schools Committee preparing the Green School pennants.

Our next Green Flag – Global Citizenship – Litter and Waste


Work is ongoing towards our next Green Flag with lots of awareness raising work on global citizenship and what it means to be a good global citizen. Work in this area is being integrated with our Learn Together Ethics and the Environment strand, SPHE and our work on the Blue Star Programme, which itself integrates many subjects.

Dodder Project

We had a very interesting and informative talk from Victoria White of the Dodder Project, who raised awareness for the children on how human actions, namely dumping litter, are destroying our local environment. Victoria showed slides of the many aspects of nature and wildlife that exist on our doorstep along the banks of the River Dodder and helped them become aware of how they can all do something to help stop this problem.

As a follow-up to Victoria’s visit we decided to take part in the Dodder Monster competition, where children were asked to create their own monster from types of litter that can be found along our river banks.  There was a fantastic response from the children to the competition, which not only brought out the creative talents of the children but also further helped to develop children’s awareness of how litter and irresponsible activity is destroying so many aspects of our local environment. Hopefully, as we continue to be involved in the Dodder Project, children will develop a strong social conscience, be motivated to look beyond the school walls to their wider community, and become empowered to become true global citizens of the future.

    Some of the Dodder Monsters which invaded RETNS. 




Our 5th Green Flag for Bio-Diversity Awareness.

20150213_165637 noticeboard               PTDC0052 Biodiversity Code

We are proud to announce that we have received our fifth Green Flag for awareness of bio-diversity. Our flag-raising ceremony was held on Friday October 9th, 2015, when our guest speaker was Ruth Gai-McKeever from An Taisce. Ruth reminded the children of all the work they had done to achieve this flag and congratulated the children and in particular the outgoing Green Schools Committee for all their hard work and dedication to the enrironment and to preserving bio-diversity.

IMG_4094    Pictured is the Green Schools Committee with Ruth and the Green Schools Bee Mascot.



Thanks to the great efforts of the RETNS Green School Committees and all of the staff and children in the school, we are now working towards our fifth green flag, biodiversity. In 2013 we were awarded our fourth green flag for transport, and our commitment to using a greener mode of transport has continued with our support of COW/WOW day and, more recently, the introduction of RETNS walking bus.

In the last two years we have been working towards a greater understanding of biodiversity and what it means to us and our planet. When we began our work only 37% of children knew what was meant by the term biodiversity. The same question was asked in our recent survey and the figure has grown to 91%! In the intervening time children have been learning all about biodiversity through their everyday work in school and from visitors to the school such as “the beeman” who told them all about the secret life of bees and Eric “the birdman” who provided some fascinating facts about birds.  Sixth class pupils have created a habitat map of the school grounds while Fourth class pupils have worked with “Mouse” from OWLS (Outdoor Wildlife Learning and Survival) and have been planning a bug hotel. Some of the younger children have been fascinated by pollinators or the “flower helpers” and this has been reflected in their drawings. They have also been studying all about mini beasts.  Many children from all classes took part in the Nature Diaries Project and have been keeping nature diaries since the beginning of the school year in which they have been documenting, through photographs, drawings and writing, plants and animals they observe in a variety of habitats.

Through all their work children have come to understand the ‘web of life’ and how we are all inter-dependent and to realise more fully our need to respect all of nature. Our winning slogan for our biodiversity theme encapsulates their learning;

Don’t let the species become extinct, in this world we are all linked.


RETNS Green School Code

The Green Schools Programme is an international environmental programme designed to teach good habits to children and parents about the environment.  It is a partnership between An Taisce, the local authority (in our case Dun Laoghaoire/Rathdown Co. Council) and the school. The driving force of this project is the Green School’s Committee comprising of pupils elected by their peers, the principal, a teacher, an ancillary staff member and a parent. In 2005 we were awarded our first Green Flag for our efforts in reducing the amount of rubbish going from school to the landfill. The Green Flag is renewed every two years and in 2007 we were awarded our second flag for our efforts to reduce energy usage and wastage within the school. The next stage to be awarded is our third flag for water awareness and conservation; we started this process in September 2010.  Green Schools website

In September 2011 RETNS was awared a certificate and some book tokens in the Tidy Schools in our Community 2011 competition. Read all about it here.

Tidy Schools in the Community 2011


Since September 2010 the whole school have studied water awareness and conservation, click on the following links to see projects undertaken by the various classes.

green school code

Jacquie from the Green School Committee interviews Chad and Karina the designers of the logo and picture.

Water Day Report by Kids Newsletter Team Spring Term

The Spring term newsletter team did a great report on the WaterDay held in the school on 18th February to highlight water awareness throughout the school

5TH class whole school water survey project

5th class did a very comprehensive project on how much water the whole school uses each day.

Eco Car Wash by 6th Class

6th class tested wheither you could clean a car with only 4 litres of water. The tests were carried out on the staff cars. Each car owner payed €5 for the privilage of having their car washed. The money raised from this exercise will go to green projects in the school.

4th class water experiments

4th class worked on scientific water experiments which were demonstrated in front of the class. They have also studied what happens to wastewater after it leaves your house.