Board of Management

The Board of Management (BoM) governs the school on behalf of the Patron, Educate Together.

The responsibilities of the BoM are many and varied.

They include: upholding the ethos; agreeing school policy; employing staff; making sure appropriate facilities, materials and other resources are in place; ensuring the school buildings and grounds are properly maintained; and generating sufficient income to allow the proper functioning of the school.

The BoM usually meets monthly.  The BoM acts professionally, collectively and on the basis of consensus.

Contacting the BoM

If you would like to contact the BoM, you can either write a note to the Chairperson and post it into the letterbox just outside the school office, or you can email

Monthly BoM reports to the school community are available to read below.

BoM 2015-2019

Peter Lunn Chairman BOM RETNS

Peter Lunn Chairman & Patron Nominee


Aileen Fallon Policy Development

Aileen Fallon Policy Development & Patron Nominee

Mary Carron Principal

Mary Carron Principal


Mary Griffen Teacher Representative

Mary Griffin Teacher Representative & Recording Secretary







Sophaly Chhun, Treasurer

Guy McGrath Parents Representative & Health & Safety/Maintenance

Guy McGrath Parents Representative & Health & Safety/Maintenance



Board of Management Reports
Report to School Community November 2017
Report to School Community October 2017
Report to School Community September 2017
Report to School Community June 2017
Report to School Community May 17
Report to School Community April 2017
Report to School Community March 2017
Report to School Community February 2017
Report to School Community January 2017
BoM report to school community Dec 16
RETNS BOM Report September 2016
RETNS BOM Report June 2016
RETNS BOM Report May 2016
RETNS BOM Report April 2016
RETNS BOM Report March 2016
RETNS BOM Report February 2016
RETNS BOM Reports October/November 2015
RETNS BOM Reports August/September 2015
RETNS BOM Report June 2015
RETNS BOM Reports April/May
RETNS BOM Report March 2015
RETNS BOM Report January 2015


BoM 2011-2015

Name Member type Role on BOM
Colm O’Callaghan Patron Nominee Chairperson
Aileen Fallon Patron Nominee Policy Development
Mary Carron Principal Principal
Mary Griffin Teacher Nominee Secretary
Andrea O’Reilly Parent Nominee Health, Safety & Maintenance
Seán McKeon Parent Nominee Treasurer
Linda Byrne Community Nominee Income Generation
Peter Humphreys Community Nominee Community Liaison