jnr-snr-infantsWhat a wonderful bunch of talented children we have in the school. They certainly displayed all of their considerable talent to bring us Winterfest 2015 a celebration of 25 years of RETNS. Click on any of the videos below to remind you of the fabulous show we were lucky to see before Christmas and maybe they might stave off those January blues!

Synopsis: As RETNS celebrates 25 years, staff and children have put together a memorable trip down memory lane for the annual Winterfest.

6th class begins the storyline as four ex-pupils return for a 25-year reunion. They remember their first class, with Paddie as their teacher, and recall some of the news events of 1990;  Mary Robinson, The Berlin Wall and Nelson Mandela all get a mention and then the whole class do some brilliant dance routines when “the eagle leaves the nest a.k.a the teacher leaves the classroom!”.

5th Class combined dancing, music, song and gymnastics to give us a flavour of the Talent Shows which are such an important feature of the RETNS calendar.

4th Class encapsulated the ethos of RETNS with their story of “The Rainbow People”, a performance that harked back to the official opening of the school in 1996.

3rd Class did a great job of explaining why our green flags are part of the school. What it means to us as a school to have our flags for Recycling, Energy, Water, Transport and Diversity.  Everyone loved their rendition of “Count on Me”.

2nd Class brought us through the history of the school from Crumlin to Palmerstown and finally to  Rathfarnham. They had us laughing heartily at some of the early adventures and climbing escapades!

1st Class were a collection of fabulous creatures that might be found in our Wildlife Garden from scary crows to slinky foxes, flapping bats to rocking robins, to stunning trees, flowers and shrubs!

Junior and Senior Infants brought us the spirit of Winterfests past and the Munchkins, Oompa Loompas, Egyptians and Rugby Players sang a variety of tunes with gusto, including a rousing rendition of “Ireland’s Call”.  Their performance had the rest of the school on their feet at our dress rehearsal!

The show finished with a flourish as all the children gathered together for a Grand Finale with some extra sweetness!!

6th Class

5th Class – Talent Shows

4th Class – Rainbow

3rd Class – Green Flags

2nd Class – History of the School

1st Class – Wildlife Garden

Junior & Senior Infants – Highlights of Past Winterfests

Happy 25th Birthday to RETNS – All Classes