RETNS Parents be very proud of your very talented kids. On Friday 19th of May the Student Council assisted by Geralyn held a very successful Talent Show Fundraiser in aid of Dogs Thrust. Brian worked the sound desk for all the different acts and members of the student council introduced each act. We had instrumentalists, singers, gymnasts, dancers, martial arts, comedians, all kinds of everything and these were the finalists! Some of the student council also performed. Kids were provided with popcorn for their entry fee with extra popcorn on sale. Jack and Chris from 5th class tried to capture a sense of the day by videoing the acts. Some of the performances were short and some were long so we have combined acts to make up 12 videos in total. Watch each video to find out who is performing on them. Ok Parents, we know you want to see your kids in action, so what are we waiting for, lets get on with the show!