On Sunday, 4th February 2018, 4th class went to Peace Proms. We met at the school at 4:15 . I was quite excited but late. We took a bus to the RDS and everyone was chatting about this thing and another. When we got there we had to wait on the bus because the concert before us hadn’t cleared out yet. When we finally got inside we had to wait even more because everyone had to be seated. When the rehearsal started we all stood up and sang all the songs. Greg, our conductor, gave us a few pointers. After the rehearsal we ate our snack. After that parents poured in and took their seats. It took ages because they were chatting to their children. Well, it ended up taking over an hour. At the start of the concert we were the opening act with the Disney Medley. The orchestra and soloists did a few things then we did Hairspray. Earth Song came next. Then Pop Medley. I really enjoyed everything and reach came next. Last but not least You’re the Voice. At the end of the concert we went to the waiting area. A lot of parents were already there.