Scarecrow Competition Winners.

Scarecrow Competition Winners.

Congratulations to Junior Infants and Sixth Class who were winners in the Scarecrow Competition in St.Enda’s. The winning entries ‘Rainbow’ and ‘Headless Henry’ both won in the schools category, while ‘Headless Henry’ was also the ‘People’s Favourite’ winner.

Headless Henry 

Rainbow (left of picture)

‘If you go down to the woods today….. ‘

‘If you go down to the woods today….. ‘

Third class got a big surprise! If you go down to the woods today you better bring something dry!

For every child that ever there was, drew a tree that they thought was good,

because Tuesday’s the day, third class  went…. on a schoooool trip!

(Toby Bond, Mia Stephenson, Amy Roche McCrea)

On Tuesday 10th March, 3rd class visited Massey Woods. They are working alongside saxophonist Nick Roth and visual artists Kim Jenkinson, Laura Quilty and Britt Johnson  on an exciting project called Little Woodland Heights.

They had a an amazing day exploring the forest, gathering materials, recording sounds of the forest and climbing trees!Thanks to all the adults who helped out on the day. Watch this space for more updates on our project.

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Safe Cross Code: Senior Infants & 3rd class

Third class and Senior Infants recently recorded their own version of the ‘Safe Cross Code Dance’ to raise awareness for National Road Safety Week. They learned to always cross at a zebra crossing, the importance of wearing reflective clothing when walking and cycling, and most importantly…to always use the Safe Cross Code!


Planting in 3rd class

We would like to thank everyone for taking part in tree day.
We would like thank all the classes for doing projects for tree day such as planting trees and learning about them.
As it is the year of the Alder Tree, 3rd class planted an Alder outside behind the bins with the help of Donal Mooney.(Izzy and Alex’s Dad). We really enjoyed it. We also planted Hazel nuts which we will watch grow in our classroom.
6th class built their own tree and had a grand opening on tree day.
By Mia and Sami 3rd class