So taking the bus CAN be fun –but not when it’s raining!
When the two of us take the bus together we start by walking down to the bus stop. It’s near a little parade of shops, such as the chipper, electrical shop and a hair dressers. Sometimes kids go to the park. It’s a popular place for kids to hang out with friends after school. Sometimes we go to the park together before our bus comes along. Don’t forget to check the bus times so you know when to leave, as legging it to the bus stop is not the best option.

When it’s raining at the bus stop it’s REALLY not fun to be there. There’s a little metal bench in the bus stop which is frankly UNCOMFORTABLE. It’s cold, hard and there’s a crack in the shelter where rain comes through. It plops straight onto the middle of the bench making it wet.
Also, you will definitely need to put on a hat. And your coat hood. Also maybe a scarf, fuzzy socks, long bottoms and tights underneath these long bottoms. Oh yes move your bag too!!! Otherwise it and everything in it will get wet! And an investment in a pair of gloves is VERY smart. Make that touchscreen gloves. Taking off gloves is like putting your hands in a freezer on a day when the weather is -10 degrees. So don’t say we didn’t warn you. At least you get a warning if it’s raining!

So, the most exciting part. Yes, the actual GETTING ON THE BUS. This is really “interesting”. Sometimes older kids from secondary school get on and we can eavesdrop on their conversations! Haha I know but it’s their own fault for not being private, and shouting out their conversations all over the bus! Their conversations generally are very interesting {in Crea’s opinion NOT in Laoise’s opinion}

When you’re getting off, don’t forget to push the stop button. I (Laoise) – may I add ON MY FIRST TIME- forgot to. I only freaked out slightly. SHE SPRINTED FOR THE STOP BUTTON! {It’s really obvious when it’s your first time on a bus – like Laoise’s first time}

However the polite etiquette is when you get on the bus you usually say hello and when getting off you say thank you, if not sometimes you’re considered slightly rude. Remember if that bus driver wasn’t there you might not be able to get where you’re going to!

Beware, you might miss your stop/bus if you’re on your phone or other devices like both of us have done before. It is very handy that some buses have free WiFi so blame the WiFi for people being on their phones!


Yours truly,

Laoise and Crea bringing you – TAKING THE BUS!