Yesterday we went to Newgrange Farm. First, we got into the bus. We drove for about an hour. We took out our snacks from our lunches and went into a field and had our snack. There was a farm cat and the cat was very friendly. After we had our lunch, we had a tour guide. Her name is Olive, she took us over to the goats. She said there was a wishing tree. We had to do two laps of the circle with the goats in it, and close your eyes and make a wish. After, we looked up and we saw some buffalos on the mountain. After that, we went into the car park. Olive told us to cup our hands. She came back with two little chicks! We all got to hold them and pet them. Then she brought back a small puppy. His name was Patch. We got to cuddle him a little bit. After we went on a tractor and trailer ride. The guide’s name was Eanna
. He said if we want the trailer to go, we would have to shout: “Yee Ha!!!” So whenever he stopped to open the gate we would shout “Yee Ha!!!” and the trailer would go without him!! It was very funny. We got to pet the lambs and feed the cows milk. We got to pet the rabbits! They felt SO fluffy! My favourite bit was petting the chicks. We all enjoyed the trip. It was the first one of all of 3rd class. By Mya Wynne.