As we all know, the new artist Kathryn has moved in! Kathryn has been an artist for many years and makes lots of different types of art, not just one. Her latest project is using plenty of different art genres!

In our brains, there are nanocrystals. But due to air pollution, these nanocrystals are getting bigger. (Not good). But Kathryn’s project is an air freshener made of moss! If the air is freshened, then there’s less air pollution and the nanocrystals get smaller (GoodJ)

The air freshener is called kokedama. Kokedama is a mix of fern, lichen, moss and dirt.

This is a drawing of the kokedama Kathryn did.

And this is the real thing!

The next step is for Kathryn is to make the nanocrystal structure.

We hope she gets done soon!  As soon as she’s done we will report on it. 😉

By Saul and Laoise