One day I set off on a journey to Stoke City with my football mates. We were going to play at the Stoke City Football Academy. First we had our plane trip to Stoke City. By the time we had got off the bus we were all tired and exhausted from what felt like the longest journey. We all had a bite of pizza and were off to bed.
As we woke up from what felt like one of the most glorious of sleeps we got up and showered and all got ready until we heard we had wait another 2 hours till breakfast! So when it finally came we had big breakfast and were off to go the stadium for a tour. We wandered around then, game time was edging closer. None of us could hold in the excitement that we were about to play Stoke City. So we had lunch and then we were on the bus to the game. We all had game time and it was a close match, but in the end we came away with a win. We all celebrated on our victory we knew we had a fun time ahead of us. The next we were going to go to the game Stoke City v Burnley it was my first ever attendance at a big match so I had no idea what to expect. As we made our way to the stadium we heard a huge roar as the Stoke City had just entered the field as followed by Burley whom also got a huge roar. There was booing and cheering from both sides but Stoke City played like the better team with a 2-0 .We stayed in the stadium for a few more minutes to see if we could get some autographs and we did from several Stoke City and Burnley players but all we knew we had to go home at some point and finally we got a plane and were dropped off at our house.  By Evan