Molly Mallaidh

Mallaidh’s learning log.


In 5th Class we have made learning logs. Learning logs are reflective journals of all the activities we do over the year and evaluations of of the subjects you like and dislike. One thing I really like about learning logs is you are allowed to decorate them anyway you want, with flaps and pop- ups galore. Another thing I really like about learning logs is that our teacher (Carol) isn’t allowed to correct our learning logs for spelling mistakes, ticking, or even putting a smiley face sticker on our work. For the kids blog every student in 5th Class has picked their three favourite pages from their learning logs.



My first entry that I will write about is my dream house.

I have made a list of materials I will use to build my dream house, they are …

Wood, metal, glass, stone, plastic, and material. My type of house would be in a small town near a beach and would have an amazing view of the sea. I hope to have a large garden, in which I can have many pretty flowers and beautiful cherry blossom trees. The front of my house is concrete with stones wedged on to the front, and a large wooden framed glass door. That will lead into a rustic style kitchen with the concrete/stone pattern also inside the house. Followed by a fancy living room, a bathroom decorated like a beach (and with tons of sea shells) , and a cosy room with beanbags, shelves for books and board games, a pull-out couch and twinkly lights hanging from the ceiling. There will also be a number of bedrooms upstairs all with attached en-suites.


This entry is pretty self-explanatory. (a brief preview of my poetry journal)

I enjoy writing poetry because…

You can express how your feeling and things you love in a way that is a pleasure to listen to. I have loved poetry ever since I knew what it was.

My final entry is on the martial art I do called AIKIDO.

In aikido there is no kicking or punching, we use technique to make our opponents become off balance. To do aikido you also have to learn how to break-fall. Break-falling is when someone puts an aikido technique on you and you either have to forward roll, backward roll, stop down, side, back, or floating leaf break-fall out of it. My aikido club is called Greenhills Tomiki Aikido (GTA). WE have attended many aikido seminars and competitions and we hope to attend more.                          In my learning log entry on aikido I showed some pictures of people doing aikido, our club logo, an aikido badge, and I cut out an article from the Tallaght newspaper about our club and stuck it in as well.