Tips for getting Birds 2

  1. Always get a type of bird that is quiet. If it’s loud you’re going to be awake all night. Quiet birds are the best.
  2. Never ever get one bird always get two. They get depressed and they need a friend when you leave the house. They could die of depression.
  3. Don’t leave them in a room with carpet. Their feathers and food get stuck in the carpet and it’s really hard to get out

I have two birds myself, they are a lot of work so only get a bird if you know you are going to do the work. I hope you enjoyed. 


By Holly Green

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2 thoughts on “Tips for getting Birds

  • Mikey

    Hi Holly.
    This is a great way to help people mind birds.
    I am not a big fan of birds , but these facts made me think that I want a bird a lot.
    And I thought that birds were easy to take care of but you really made it clear that they are not easy to take care of.
    Also I was amazed when you said that the birds could die of depression.

    Well done Holly I loved these facts and I hope you make more about birds.
    ( P.S ) My name is Mikey.

  • Edward

    I never knew any of the facts about the birds. It is actually interesting how you should get two birds not one. I haven’t ever had a bird so I have never experienced having one. Well done on this post. i have learned a bit about birds.