Roborovski Hamster 5


The Roborovski Hamster is the smallest kind of hamster and the average size is 4.5 – 5cm long. The average weight is 20 – 25g. Like the other species of hamster the Roborovski is nocturnal but some can be quite sociable and come out for short periods in the day time. It originates in the Asian Deserts and was discovered by Lt. Roborosky in July 1894. In the wild, they can burrow up to 6 feet deep and can run up to 4 marathons a night!  

By Ciara W.B.

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5 thoughts on “Roborovski Hamster

  • Aoife

    I love hamsters so much! In my life I had 6 dwarf hamsters but the first time I had two hamsters, one for my sister and one for me. My hamster was called Snow and my sister’s hamster’s name was Lisa. See we only had them for 2 months then they escaped from their cage and the dogs got to them before we did. The next hamster we got was a brown hamster and a grey one. I named mine Browny and the other Fluffy. Our cats found them on the floor and killed them. I was very sad every time one of them died. I had another hamster and it was a boy and his name was Jeff and Ginger. See they kept on breeding and we had to get 2 cages for all of the baby hamsters to fit into. For some reason the baby hamsters jumped so high. After they got older we gave them to the vets cause we couldn’t keep them. The last hamster that died was my favourite. Their names were Bella and Ginger. Bella was my hamster and I loved her so much. But one day we got a new cat called Mr.Whiskers so we had 3 cats in the house. One night Mr.Whiskers knocked down their cage and killed them. Now I have no hamsters and we will get more when Mr.Whiskers is gone!

    • Ciara W.B.

      Thank you so much for reading my article. I’m sorry to hear about your Hamster’s misfortunes but good luck in raising Hamsters in the future. My first Hamster was also a Dwarf Hamster named Jellybean and now I have a Roborovski Hamster named Rainbow Dash. – From Ciara W.B. 6 th Class RETNS