Our School Trip to Baldonnel Aerodrome 1

On the second of March, 5th and 6th class went to an Aerodrome! This was thanks to Gillian, 5th Class pupil Jack’s mum. When we first got there we got to hold real guns (they didn’t have bullets in them). Afterwards we went to a museum all about old planes and pilots. In the museum there was a part of an old plane that you could go inside and push all of the buttons and levers. After that we went to a huge building which had three big planes in it. Then a man came in with three big boxes. Each box had a different type of falcon, their names were Sami, Rihanna and Barrel. The man told us about the birds. We were allowed to hold Barrel! They use the big birds to fly around a plane before it’s taking off so smaller birds will get scared and will stay away from the plane. Then we got a bus back to school and went home.

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One thought on “Our School Trip to Baldonnel Aerodrome

  • John Paul

    That must of been an amazing trip. It would be so cool to be in an aeroplane,hold real guns and see the falcons. You must of had a great time in Aerodrome.