My top 3 tips for starting YouTube!!! 4

  1. Get permission. YouTube is a fun website where you can watch videos and make videos, but always be aware what you put up because anyone can look at it.
  1. Be confident. YouTube can also be good for improving your confidence in speaking in front of an audience.
  1. Have fun. YouTube is all about having fun and sharing funny videos with your friends and you never know, someday you could become really popular on YouTube.

Please take this info and use it well from a fellow YouTuber Billdozer 409



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4 thoughts on “My top 3 tips for starting YouTube!!!

  • Serena

    Thanks,for the tips. I’m going to be starting YouTube soon. I already watch videos and subscribe them. I watch Dan TDM a lot. My favourite things to watch are FnaF ,Undertale,Tatle Tale and Hello Neighbour. I LOVE YouTube so so much.😄 I want to be a YouTuber some day as well.💻📱🎤🎬😃🙀 . I enjoyed reading your blog.