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Just a week after Christmas, my dog Daisy had puppies. It was a great Christmas present. They are now nine weeks old and are full of energy. I’m going to take you through their lives so far. They were born in the kennels because we were in England and amazingly Daisy had them while me and my mam were on the plane. It was late when we got home from the airport so we were going to wait till the next day to pick her up, but we got a very exciting phone call that she had had her puppies. We rushed over to pick her up and my cuteness levels went into overload. We took her home and adored them for a while. But that wasn’t the end because Daisy had another puppy to have (we didn’t know that at the time). She was out of sorts so we brought her to the emergency vet. The vet helped daisy to get the 3rd puppy out, but sadly it was dead. So we went home with our two puppies and put them into their nice warm box and went to sleep. They didn’t open their eyes till they were about fifteen days old and Daisy was very protective over them. So when they opened their eyes it meant it was going to be a lot more work. They can get out of their box whenever they want now which means we have to do a lot more cleaning up after them, they can even get up the stairs now. We have found names for them. One puppy has a black face with a white body just like the cartoon dog Snoopy, so we thought why not call him Snoopy. And the other puppy has a brown face and white body which doesn’t really have anything to do with his name which is Patch. Daisy is a miniature Jack Russell and we think the father was a full sized Jack Russel. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post. By Diarmuid O’Dwyer

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13 thoughts on “My Puppies

  • Nadine

    That story was so good I have a dog called daisy as well .She had puppies 🐶 and some of them were in a quilt but we got them out. She had seven puppies 🐶 unfortunately 4 of them died. I hope 🤞 you have a good time playing with your puppies 🐶.

  • Chris

    That sounds like a lot of work to do. Last Christmas my dog also had puppies but not just three she had eleven puppies. I hope you have lots of fun while it lasted.

  • Tara

    I think that was a great blog Diarmuid . I hope they are happy and healthy. That is too bad that the third puppy died. I had puppies before and they were a real handful. We had them in a kennel. Fifi had six sheepdog crossed with a husky puppies. Unfortunately they got too big to keep so we had to sell them.

  • Marie-Therese

    Great story.My dog had two puppies last year in the end of June.My dog had a female puppy and a male puppy.In August I had to give away the female puppy to my cousin. He is black and white.My mam won’t let the puppy off.

  • Muireann agus Cathy

    Dia dhuit, Muireann agus Cáit anseo!! Hi Diarmuid, your dog Daisy sounds so fun and energetic and we are so happy for her and her puppies we are really sorry to hear one died but we know you will have great fun with the other ones!! I have a dog too (Cathy) its a labrador Muireann has a cat called Bonnie. We really enjoyed your blog post.

    Slán Muireann agus Cathy:)

  • ellie

    Hi Diarmuid O Dwyer,This is an amazing story they sound really cute i hope they are okay now i am sorry about the 3rdd puppie dying Ellie

  • Pádraig and Alex

    Hi Diarmuid,

    Great blog! I really enjoyed reading it. I am so sorry that the third puppy did not make it. I don’t have a dog but I wish I did. My friend Alex has a dog and her name is Charley. Dogs are one of my favourite animals but Alex would disagree with me as his favourite animals are foxes. The puppies must have been a great christmas present.

    Enjoy playing with your puppies!

  • Hans

    Hey Diarmuid I think your puppies are so cute as I have already seen them and they are fluffy and cute. Well done on all the comments

  • Eve Listowel

    That was a really good story! I have a Jack Russel too, his name is Marley. I also used to have two dogs called Snoop and Patch! Anyway I really enjoyed that story, it was a great blog!!