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I really like reading, so I thought I would write about some of my favourite books. One book I really enjoyed reading was the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. It’s about a world in the future, where every year 24 kids are chosen to participate in a fight to the death. It’s really exciting, and I couldn’t put it down.

Another of my favourites is Divergent by Veronica Roth. It’s also set in the future, where everyone is put into 5 different factions based on their traits. I am also a big Harry Potter fan, and would definitely recommend anyone that hasn’t read the series to try it out.

Some of my other favourites are Eve by Anna Carey, which is based in the future when the world has been destroyed by the plague. Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon, which is about a girl who has a disease where she can’t leave her house. And If I Stay by Gayle Forman, which is about a girl and her family who are involved in a serious car accident.

I hope you enjoyed my blog post and try out some of the books I’ve recommended! By Eve

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3 thoughts on “My Book Recommendations

  • Seán

    Hi Eve! I really enjoyed this story and keep up the good work! I just finished reading The Hunger Games maybe about a month ago so I’m going to give my thoughts on it. I think that The Hunger Games is one of the best book series that I’ve ever read. The gore, blood and the fights are just simply spellbounding. I think in the movie they focus too much on the love story and they don’t give any bearing on where the Mockinjay Pin came from and Madge should be mentioned much more in the movie. My sister has read Divergent and really enjoyed it. I’m not sure when I will read Divergent because I definitely will at some stage. Harry Potter I also read and enjoyed. I think it’s really showing that as the series progresses you can see that J.K Rowling really matures as an author in so many different ways. The other three books you’ve mentioned I’ve never heard of and I don’t think that I’ll be reading any time soon. I hope you enjoyed my comment!
    4th Class

  • Aisling Nic C

    Hi RETNS,
    I am writing to say that we both have some things in common. I too like Divergent, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and If I Stay. This blog is really good and it would encourage anyone who is not into reading
    Thanks Aisling

  • Ella Listowel

    Hey Eve, this is a very well-written blog, well done! I also love the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter is like my whole life! If you haven’t already read any of Rick Riordin’s books, I would definitely recommend them. They include the Percy Jackson series (about the Greek Gods) the Heroes of Olympus series and the Magnus Chase series. He also has another series about Egyptian Gods. Once again this is a great blog, and I would like to add that anyone who hasn’t read the Harry Potter series is missing out big time!