Bluebell by Olivia 2

About bluebell

Bluebell is my six year old cat. She’s a rescue cat, we got her from an organisation called Cats Aid. In 2010 she was a 6 month year old kitten found lost and starving in the forest, six months later we were looking for a cat. I saw Bluebell  and I knew she was the one for us. That’s how we got our Bluebell!



What she likes           

Bluebells favourite thing in the world is food and grass. She sleeps all day but at night she loves to play! She especially loves to play with her favourite snake toy. That’s all I have to say about my cat hope you enjoyed hearing about her!

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2 thoughts on “Bluebell by Olivia

  • Jagoda

    I really enjoyed reading about Bluebell!😊 She sounds like a wonderful cat.
    I have 3 cats, all female, names: Tammy, Diana and Madona! I used to have a cat called Tabby who
    was exactly like Bluebell and also VERY lazy…
    Sadly… At the age of 3 he died of a disease…
    Hope of reading more!!!
    St.Brendans N.S ,
    Jagoda ,
    5th Class.