Baldonnel Aerodrome – 5th & 6th visit 2

On the 2nd of March 2017, 5th and 6th class of R.E.T.N.S went to Baldonnel Aerodrome on a school trip.
When we got to the aerodrome we saw a few different kinds of guns!
We looked in the museum where we got to look at all the old planes and there was a flight simulator!
We also got to look at a few different kinds of birds and got to hold a hawk her name was Rihanna and we got to see a peregrine falcon named Sammy, the fastest bird in the world!
Overall it was a great and enjoyable day at Baldonnel Aerodrome.

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2 thoughts on “Baldonnel Aerodrome – 5th & 6th visit

  • Faye

    Hi, this a very good story. The Baldonnel Aerodrome sounds unreal. I would personally like to go in the flight simulator that sounds brilliant. The birds sound very cool especially the peregrine falcon Sammy. The old planes sound very interesting too. Anyway I really liked this story, well done!!!